ADVANTAGES OF CHENLI MINI LEVER HOIST HSH-X 0.25T 1. The body is chrome plated 2. Light and compact , easy to carry 3 .Use large opening hook and thickness latch 4. Use chenli patent en818-7 lifting chain
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    henli Group own high quality production technology and management team, The modern flat management system and production technology quality control process operation mode, has been basically completed the transformation from control administration into prevention control...
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    Our company’s latest products.X Series lever block. Compared with common products, they have the following characteristics. 1. In the state of no light load, the handle can also be moved up and down to achieve normal lifting and lowering of the lifting chain. 2. The internal gear transmissi...
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    The new factory headquarters is under building,2023 February is expected to put into operation.        
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  • How to distinguish qualified G80 Load Chain.

    ① First of all,we need to know how to definite qualified G80 chain. The G80 chain crucial elements is the “extremely stability”, which is inseparable with safety when using. ② G80 chain material is 20Mn2, One: but material 20Mn2 from different steel material supplier,the cost will be different...
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  • Why price of lever block too much different from different factory.

    Why price of lever block too much different from different factory.

      The big differences:   1.One is: cheap cheap price,Configure according to price,as a buyer you keep driving down prices to manufacture,they will gave your chain block with low quality accessories,they will compare their cost always,they need to survive , they must have profit,and this is s...
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  • The 132nd Canton Fair is coming

    The 132nd Canton Fair will start, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the on-site Canton Fair cannot be held as scheduled, but it is now held online. Welcome to the official website of the Canton Fair to watch our live broadcast online from 15th Oct to 24th Oct.: www. cantonfair. org. cn    
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  • The Advantages of HSZ-V Chain Block

    1.The left and right plates are equipped with integral bearings, and the lifting sprockets are matched in the form of integral bearings, which are flexible in operation and lighter in hand pull. 2.With double pawl design, the handling performance is stable and the braking performance is stable. 3...
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  • Back to work from National holidays

    Back to work from National holidays

    Chenli Group back to work from National holidays,  everything is normal from Oct 5th, once there’s any requirement such inquiry about webbing sling, cargo lashing, chains, hoist, rigging products or  arrange shipment, documentary work …everything turns normal, anything we could do for...
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  • Happy National Day!

    Happy National Day!

    October 1st marks. The founding of the People’s Republic,the National day is a great event in China, we love China, we love our motherland. Hope our homeland can become even more prosperous and stronger in the future.  
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    CHENLI independent research and development of new patented ratchet, with more advantages: 1 Camber, flanging design,add comfort 2 Reinforcement increase handle force 3 The slope chamber design of the lower card reduce the clearance between ratchet and lower card, increase the safety factor 4. t...
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  • Why is it Important to Know How to Use a Webbing Sling?

    Why is it Important to Know How to Use a Webbing Sling?

    Why is it Important to Know How to Use a Webbing Sling? Before discussing this, let’s first know what a webbing sling is. Webbing is a kind of belt that is formed from woven several types of yarn such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc. Webbing slings are webbing with hooks at the ends...
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